Add This to Your Bookshelf

Writing for Comics & Graphic Novels 

by Peter David

Writing for Comics is the first “how to write comics” book that I read as I began my adventure into the world of comic book writing. I recommend it for both those who are just starting out or for seasoned writers who are looking for an enjoyable book to read (Although, honestly, a very experienced writer will certainly get less out of it than a newbie).

Why should you add Writing for Comics & Graphic Novels to your bookshelf?

  • advice direct from an expert (Peter David’s been in the biz for quite a while, and he’s written some big-name comics. Hulk, for example)
  • easy to read format
  • writing exercises included
  • shows scripts and the resulting comic
  • explanation of basic writing techniques (characterization, plot, etc.)
  • introduction to comic book-specific writing techniques (scripting, villains, continuity)
  • information about getting published

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