The Quest Begins…

            I just watched Captain America for the second time, and although part of me was consumed with pure joy when viewing the action and solid story arch, another part of me sits in that fancy rocking movie theater chair seething. I sit (and rock, those chairs are so irresistibly rockable)  and wonder:

 “When can I watch a great action movie with a female lead, not romantic interest, damn it!?”

 “Why the hell did Stan Lee write primarily about women? I give him props for creating some of the most renowned and compelling comic heroes, but he kinda screwed us women over by, well, forgetting (or dare I say, ignoring?) us.”

“And why oh why is Black Widow (who happens to be the only female Avenger) the only Avenger without a  solo movie? Newsflash Marvel, I think a huge number of women and men would pay money to see Scarlett Johansson kicking ass in a spandex suit.”

            And this is where I figuratively take a deep breath and let anyone reading this know that I personally take it upon myself to find answers to these questions. I shall look under every rock, in every dusty textbook, and in every digital nook and cranny if I have to find some way of answering the age-old question, “Where are all the women heroes?”

            Want to help me on my quest? Post your ideas below and feel free to include any references you suggest I check out!

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