Gendercrunching: Why Do So Few Women Create for DC and Marvel?

Bleeding Cool just came out with September’s gendercrunching statistics, which reveal the changes in female creators for Marvel and DC.  The numbers are sadly low. Imagine if only 2.4% (the percentage of female writers for DC in September) of women were professors, or politicians, or college students…. It’s quite disheartening to see such few women represented on the creative side of these top comic publishers.

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to write a paper about women in the comic industry (particularly DC and Marvel) for my business ethics class. My paper explores the idea that perhaps these top comic publishers are implicitly discriminating against women by underrepresenting (and misrepresenting) women in their comic books. It seems to be a vicious cycle.

My solution? Write more (realistic) women in comics. And when I say realistic, I don’t mean don’t write about women superheroes (or in my case, cyborgs). Just don’t write about women with double D cups wearing skin tight suits. Just write about superheroes who happen to also be women. I see every-day women kicking-ass all the time (just witnessed a friend acquiring her first job with a fortune 500 company), and I want to see these women represented in superhero comic books. Is that too much to ask?

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