Dress Like a (Female) Super Hero: Peggy Carter

Sarah Spoto, Contributing writer

Captain America was certainly a lot to look at in the recent film, but let’s be honest, his ass-kicking love interest gave him a run for his money.  Peggy looked hot and strong in both her military uniforms and flowing silk tops. Her red-hot nails and lips were the finishing touches for this strong-willed hero.

Peggy Carter’s style is one not to be overlooked, and so it kicks off the “Dress Like a (Female) Super Hero” series.  I’ve scoured the web to collect some of the most Peggy-inspired looks I could find. They are presented here at a variety of price points, so no matter who you are, you can get your Peggy fix with one of the items below.

Jcrew  Blythe Blouse in Silk, Alabaster $98

A neutral silk blouse is a stunning and effortless way to add a touch of Peggy-inspired look to your wardrobe…without actually looking like you’re trying to dress like a Marvel character

Ralph Lauren Astrid Leather Moto Jacket $1298

Obviously, this is a bit of a splurge, but if you are looking for an almost perfect match to Peggy’s jacket in the movie, then this is the choice for you.

Zappos Nikxon Alexa Moto Jacket $140

To even the price points out a bit, I’ve found a much more affordable, vintage-inspired leather jacket that is not a perfect match to Peggy but still evokes her 1940s, ass-kicking attitude.

Zappos Nix+Zoe Military Knit Jacket $93

Peggy’s look wouldn’t be complete without a military-inspired jacket. Military-inspired style has been in vogue for the last few months, so this jacket is a perfect fit to a modern wardrobe, Peggy or not.

Ulta Full Finish Lipstick in Espionage $18

Peggy’s look wouldn’t be complete without her stunning red lips. This dark red color from Ulta goes by the name “Espionage” and was a perfect fit to this Peggy collection.

Ulta Union Jack Pack Trio Nailpolish $36

Red nails are Peggy’s choice color, but I’ve chosen this trio pack in the red, black, and tan for a more everyday wearable selection.

Etsy 1950s Green Wool Skirt by ManicVintage $36

Since I was looking for 1940’s inspired pieces, I had to check out Etsy.com for a real vintage look. I found this wool tweed skirt that nearly matched Peggy’s in the film.

Etsy 1960s Burgundy Pumps by wildfellhalvintage $30

For a set of Peggy-inspired heels, I found a pair of 1960s vintage burgundy pumps. Etsy.com has a wide selection of great vintage heels in lots of different colors and styles. Wildfelhalvintage on Etsy also has a beautiful selection of vintage clothes worth perusing.

Etsy Vintage Military Pins by HALLAMHOUSE $9.50

Add a touch of military to your outfit with vintage military pins. I found these on Etsy for a pretty good deal.

That’s it for my Peggy inspired looks. Check back soon for more tips on how to dress like your favorite female hero.

If you have a suggestion for what hero should be next, leave a comment below.

Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.

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