Iron Man T-Shirts That Consider a Woman’s Curves

Okay, so every time I go into Urban Outfitters I get a little ticked because they have an awesome selection of t-shirts with prints like Captain America’s shield and the like but they’re all made for men. The one major difference between men and women that I’ll admit to recognizing is our body shapes. A man’s t-shirt simply will not accommodate my womenly features.I like my womenly features, thank you very much, and as much as I love Captain America, I will not shroud said features in a high-cut, boxy t-shirt made for a man.

A “unisex” t-shirt is a lie.

I have to buy my superhero tees somewhere though, so thank goodness for Threadless. Threadless, your one stop shop for artisan t-shirts, doesn’t discriminate based on gender. Any shirt they sell for a man, they sell for a woman. They have an awesome selection of Iron Man shirts for sale right now. Gentleman and ladies, take your pick:

Threadless Iron Man Tshirts


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