A Last-Minute Adventure at Chicago’s Comic Con

I had approximately 24 hours to assemble a Black Widow costume. Black leotard from Forever 21? Check. Black leggings and multiple black hip belts? Check and check. 90s-style high heeled boots from Goodwill? Check. Handmade Black Window insignia? Check.


When you find out last minute that Chicago, a mere 2 hours away, is hosting its annual Wizard World Comic Con, you must pull out all the stops to get there. And get there I did. This was actually (can you believe it?) my first con, so I’d like to share a few words of advice:


Go to Artists’ Alley. Chat with the artists and writers. Buy a creator-owned comic book and have them sign it for you. Exchange business cards.


Don’t be shy. Ask everyone is a decent costume to take a photo with you. Drop everything and pose when someone asks you to take a photo with them.


See the costume contest. Cheer like a maniac when Wolverine takes his shirt off.


Next time, blackmail all your friends into coming with you. Dress as the Avengers.

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