Comic Books 101: The Finale

My Comic Books 101 series, which detailed all the wisdom I learned from my comic book writing class this past semester, sort of faded away without much explanation. Long story short: I graduated. Happily, I finished the class with a professional portfolio that contained the entire script for my graphic novel Fusion (which, admittedly, I […]

Comic Books 101–Part Eight

For the 8th edition of Comic Books 101, here’s a straight-up list of useful resources for comic book writers and artists:—Duotrope offers “a fully searchable database of over 4,125 active publishers
statistics on publishers’ response times, acceptance-rejection ratios, etc.
the ability to track all your submissions in your own submissions tracker.” Writers’ Market—Keep up-to-date with publishing […]

Comic Books 101–Part Seven

Collaborating with Artists The panel of five comic creators I mentioned in the previous Comic Books 101 had much to say on the topic of collaboration.  I say this often, but one of the major reasons why I love comics is because it’s a naturally collaborative medium. Only in rare cases is a person able […]

Comic Books 101–Part Six

Selling Your Comic Instead of a typical class, this Friday we got to listen to five comic creators talk comics, self-publishing, dealing with feedback, and collaboration among a whole slew of other topics. Honestly, I can’t recall the names of all the creators present, but notably among them was Garrett Anderson of Newton’s Law, Dan […]

Comic Books 101—Part Five

How Will You Break into the Comic Industry? “How will you break into comics?” my professor asked the class. He chose three students to convene in the hall and discuss their determined path to becoming comic book writers. The rest of us, he told us, were to play devil’s advocate. The three students came up […]

Comic Books 101—Part Four

Know Your Rights Sure, writing is an art form, but (and thank goodness!) it does come along with some rights. As a writer, particularly as a comic book writer, you need to be aware of these rights. What is intellectual property? Intellectual property (IP) is the property that results from an original creative thought. IP […]

Comic Books 101—Part Three

Everything in a panel matters. Everything in a panel matters. Everything in a panel matters. Got that? My professor had the class watch a Charlie Chaplin silent film and then asked us how Chaplin’s techniques could be applied to our comic writing. 1. Sequential action. One thing leads to another that leads to another. Comics […]