Comic Creators


Sarah Becan is an illustrator, comics artist, author, and designer based in Chicago, Illinois, and the founder of Shortpants Press. She is a prolific minicomics artist, and recipient of the Xeric Grant for her 2010 graphic novel, The Complete Ouija Interviews. She is currently compiling her Shuteye series into a graphic novel, and producing a webcomic called “I Think You’re Sauceome”. In her spare time, Sarah plays the accordion, and also video games. She lives in Logan Square with two talkative cats and a boy named Niles.

Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz is a cartoonist, painter, illustrator, singer, performance artist, and whatever else she decides to be, residing in an art collective in Brooklyn with her husband, percussionist Eric Blitz, rats, cats, and sharp objects. Working primarily on Too Negative  and Living In La La Land in comics, her work has appeared both in a variety of anthologies and in art shows in NYC. She and Eric also do an experimental sound art project called Doll Hospital. And she’ll do art commissions too, if you contact her at Painting & illustration can be seen at

Isabella Rotman is a girl from Maine who lives in Chicago and spends most of her time drawing. She draws comics and illustrations and sometimes she writes but usually she doesn’t. She spends a lot of time taking the skin off of birds for the Field Museum of Natural History, collecting useless objects found outside, and researching the mating habits of various animals. This is a drawing of her in a deer suit, trying to look scary. Most of the time she draws herself with antlers. Here self-published works include “Girls on Girls: an Album of Girls Singing Songs About Girls (with Amara Leipzig),” “Animals Sex,” “Eyes Shut,” and many others. You can see her stuff at ThisMightHurt.Tumblr.Com and


Angela (Angie) Spoto edits the blog Ms.Comix and founded the nonprofit The Uncovered Artistry Project. Her poetry has appeared in Alice Blue Review, and her prose in kill author and Toad Suck Review. She is a staff writer at The Lit Pub. She is currently writing a graphic novel about cyborgs.

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