Comic Books 101 – Part Two

Another cold Chicago morning, I was sitting once again in my comic book writing class. The professor continually emphasized that in comics, words are never more important than images. That’s a tough thing to hear if you’re a creative writing major, but it’s the honest truth. Comics are, after all, a graphic medium. Great art […]

Comic Books 101 — Part One

Fridays at 8:30 in the morning, I sit in a class filled with fiction, gaming, art, and film majors to learn about comic books. More specifically, how to write them. I recognize that I’m insanely lucky to have this opportunity, so I’m going to share my experiences. Let’s call it Comic Book 101. And this […]

A Chat with Hayley Spencer, Owner of Komix Comic Shop

You know what’s cool? Walking into a comic book shop and seeing a woman behind the counter and then finding out that she not only works in the shop, she also owns the whole darn thing! That’s what will happen when you step into Hayley Spencer’s comic book shop, Komix, located in Melksham, England. I […]

When Fashion and Comic Books Collide

By Sarah Spoto, Contributing Writer This December, designer Phillip Lim, known for his effortless, feminine, and wearable fashions, launched a pre-fall collection that combined high fashion with a touch of comic book inspiration.  Most obviously, tops and accent accessories sported blocky, vintage comic book letters (think: Dick Tracy). Less explicitly, but no less stunning, Lim made […]

Comic Resources

Articles:Comic Books 101 Series: I share the wisdom and advice I learn from my comic book writing class.How to Make Comics from Script to PrintBooks: Panel One: Comic Book Scripts By Top Writers.  Tell someone you’re writing a graphic novel, and you’ll probably hear a response like this, “I didn’t know you could draw!” And […]