My “There Should Be More Female Protagonists in Children’s Movies” Rant

I went to see the Muppets Movie yesterday (I’d recommend it, by the way), and as I watched previews before the show I couldn’t help giving my sister my usual “if only there were more female protagonists rants.” Take a moment and think about all the children’s movies that feature a little boy going on a great adventure. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hugo, and TinTin come to my mind. Now think of a movie that features a little girl going on an equally grand adventure. I can name…none. (And, my God, Twilight doesn’t count!). 

This is a problem.

When little girls watch movies almost exclusively about little boys going on adventures, they being to believe that little girls just simply aren’t that exciting. They begin to believe that little girls cannot go on grand adventures.


Little girls can go on great adventures, too! And women are just as interesting as men! So let’s support (financially and through word-of-mouth) movies with strong female leads. The next movie I want to see: Brave.

What movie with a strong female lead would you recommend?