Review of The Order of Dagonet Issue #1

Faery Apocalypse + British Creative Types = A weird concoction of Crayola-color-bright art and witty dialog (or, in other words, Order of Dagonet, a new comic book series written by Jeremy Whitely and drawn by Jason Strutz).

I think my equation pretty much sums it up, but—if I must elaborate—Order of Dagonet is a series depicting the heroic adventures of a group of artistic (writers, actors, intellectuals) Brits who must save our friends across the pond from mythological creatures who have taken over Parliament (and kidnapped the queen).

The art is like—bam!—nothing you’d ever see Marvel or DC coming out with. It’s “artistic” (am I allowed to say that?) in its use of unusual panels and conté-crayon-like texture. The colors are bold. The lines are loose. The panels are more often than not NOT rectangular. I’m not surprised to see Action Lab publishing yet another risk-taking comic book with unusual art, but it’s always a pleasure.

The best part of the writing? Jeremy’s rendering of the varying British accents. I’m a major proponent of writing a character’s accent into the dialog, as doing so continually reinforces the character’s personality. Since being British is such a significant focus of the story, it’s vital the characters’ voices pop.

My overall opinion? This comic is worth the $4.99 price tag, and I have the feeling that for many this comic will appeal beyond the first issue. In fact a preview of Issue 2 is up here!