When Fashion and Comic Books Collide


By Sarah Spoto, Contributing Writer

This December, designer Phillip Lim, known for his effortless, feminine, and wearable fashions, launched a pre-fall collection that combined high fashion with a touch of comic book inspiration.  Most obviously, tops and accent accessories sported blocky, vintage comic book letters (think: Dick Tracy). Less explicitly, but no less stunning, Lim made his collection pop with traditional comic colors like bright yellow and red. The outerwear pieces look as they just stepped out of a vintage, noir comic, and Lim’s use of bold color blocking and geometric designs is an effortless success at weaving comic book inspiration into reality.

In Lim’s own words, “Everyone wants garments to be superheroes. This ‘fill in the blank’ should save your day, your week, your year.” Forget Superman; all a woman needs is a good outfit. That makes Phillip Lim and his pre-fall collection the superhero for the season. See the whole collection here.

Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.