Ending Abuse Through Art

How has abuse (in all its various forms: domestic, sexual, financial, emotional) affected your life? Stop and think, and you will realize that everyone is somehow affected by abuse.

But there is hope! Together—through the power of art and entrepreneurship—we can work to empower those who have suffered from abuse. Abuse survivors are courageous, powerful, and amazing individuals who deserve to be recognized for their artistic creations. The Uncovered Artistry Project, a nonprofit online gallery that features the work of domestic and sexual abuse survivors, is hosting An Art Show to End Abuse.

Please consider donating (even as little as a dollar) to our Kickstarter campaign to help fund the event. This event can only happen with your help! Seriously, your donation will make a huge difference for this little nonprofit.

And please consider submitting your work to the event:

Art Work Submission Guidelines for The Uncovered Artistry Project: An Art Show to End Abuse

The Project is accepting all forms of art and fine crafts, including (but not limited to), painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry, and ceramics. All work must be a reflection on or a response to the following themes: Domestic and Sexual Abuse, Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, and The Empowerment of Art.

Work may be listed for sale at the event, but 50% of the sale price will be donated to the Uncovered Artistry Project. The submission deadline is April 15th.

All submissions must include: Name (anonymous is okay), title of work, artist statement (optional), sale price (optional). Contact me (angiespoto@mail.com) to arrange pick up/shipping.

Thank you loyal followers for you support!


Angie Spoto

Editor of Ms.Comix

Founder of The Uncovered Artistry Project