How to Dress Like a (Female) Superhero: Black Widow

In light of Black Widow’s kick-ass role in the Avengers movie, I’m reposting this fashion guide. I missed the midnight premier of the Avengers due to a final the next day (for my comic writing class, nonetheless), but I was totally prepared to dress like Black Widow for the event. Luckily, Sarah shows us how to do the Widow without the spandex…

I don’t think I need to make any case as to why Black Widow qualifies as a superhero. In fact, I’ve always wondered, if Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk get their own films, why can’t the Avenger, Black Widow? I’m pretty sure I saw her take down enough men in Iron Man 2 to qualify her for at least one movie.  Black Widow’s superb superhero skills, her upcoming reappearance in The Avengers, and her sexy, confident style make her an easy choice for my next Dress Like a (Female) Superhero article.

Since I don’t know that many women who would want to wear a skin-tight spandex suit, I’ve tried to capture the essence of Black Widow’s style in this collection. I took inspiration from her role in latest Iron Man movie and the business looks she pulled off. But no worries; there are a few spandex-suit-inspired pieces as well.

J.Crew Valentina Printed Patent Pumps, $248

As far as I can tell, Black Widow hasn’t actually worn anything animal print, but these pumps seem to convey the attitude of the super hero: daring but not too flashy.

Banana Republic Long-Sleeve White Ruffle Shirt, $69.50

This look is inspired by Black Widow’s appearance in the latest Iron Man film. Black Widow (aka Natalia “Natasha” Romanova) plays the part of a confident, down–to-earth businesswoman when she isn’t kicking men’s asses in her spandex suit.

Banana Republic Navy Lightweight Wool Skirt, $69.99

This wool skirt finishes off Ms. Romanova’s business look, and though you certainly won’t look like a superhero wearing it, you might be confident enough to feel like one.

J.Crew Claudia Halter Dress in Silk Chiffon, $385

If Ms. Romanova were to go out to say… a Tony Stark charity ball, I might expect to her wear nothing less stunning than this chiffon gown. The halter strap detail is icing on this dashing silhouette.

Banana Republic Short-Sleeve Pleat Neck Blouse, $49.99

This short sleeve button down is almost identical to Black Wideow’s light blue shirt in Iron Man 2. Plus, every woman needs a staple button down in her wardrobe.

J.Crew Oragami Sheath Dress in Wool Crepe Charcoal, $198

Inspired by Black Widow’s black dress in Iron Man, this J.Crew dress in a softer charcoal is no less sexy or confident-boosting than any spandex suit I can think of.

Michael Kors Gibson Roller Wide Belt in Black, $55.00

This belt will add a touch of Black Widow’s superhero style without going over the top. The piece is inspired by Black Widow’s thick, weapon-loaded belt.

Hive & Honey Waist O-Ring in Black, $32

Another very wearable belt inspired by Black Widow’s own. I can picture it with dark wash skinny jeans and a tee. It’s a simple but a daring addition to the outfit.

Betsey Johnson Spider Charm Cuff Bracelet, $45.00

I couldn’t resist putting a spider piece in the mix.  The bracelet is a bold piece, but it’s probably the closest one can reasonably get to including a spider in an outfit.

Tinley Road Color Block Stretch Bracelet, $40.00

This gorgeous bracelet is inspired by Black Widow’s utility cuffs/wrist ammunition (check out her superhero uniform).  I should say loosely inspired. The bracelet is much more stunning.

Zappos Frye Mimi Scrunch Boot  in Black, $348.00

I will end this selection with a boot appropriate for Black Widow’s skin-tight uniform. After all, everything the boy Avengers are doing, Black Widow can do in heels.

By Sarah Spoto, Contributing Writer. Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.

How to Dress Like a (Female) Superhero: Rogue

I found it pretty challenging to put together a look based on Rogue. In both the movies and comics her outfits are more “superhero-y” than some of the other female heroes I’ve featured. I focused on creating an edgy look with pops of Rogue’s usual yellows and greens.

Lambskin Cycle Jacket, $124.94

Even her name is badass, so Rogue would definitely done this super cool leather jacket.

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves, $17.99

These gloves are actually practical (if you have a motorcycle), but for those of us who don’t, I suggest pairing them with a simpler outfit, to avoid looking too tacky.

Classic Trench in Black, $198

What a classy piece! It is certainly the easiest Rogue-inspired item to add to your wardrobe. It’s a simple way to add a touch of Rogue’s comic book look ( recall her telltale long, black jacket)

Ruched Knee High Boot in Black, $33.50

I don’t really suspect that Rogue would wear heels when she’s crime fighting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Jenna Jeans in Black, $23.60

These jeans are perfectly edgy without going over the top. I think how they are styled here, with neutral heels and classic skirt, really does them justice.

Double Face Eyelash Fringe Scarf in Green, $88

I’ve added this scarf in an effort to bring in some of Rogue’s bright green tones.

Justin Rock n’ Roller Belt in Brown, $34

I love how versatile this belt is.  It looks great on Rogue when she’s wearing her green and yellow body suit, but I think it’d look just as good with a button down and jeans.

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Isadora silk-blend lamé gown, $487.50

If Rogue were ever convinced to go to a fancy gala, I suspect she’d chose this golden gown. The piece is gorgeous thanks to the shimmery fabric and dones a very understated, but classy silhouette.

Full Finish Lipstick in “No Competition” Color, $18

I don’t envision Rogue with bright red lips or over the top makeup. I think she’d appreciate this sophisticated pink.

By Sarah Spoto, Contributing Writer.

 Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.

Dress Like a (Female) Superhero: Mystique

By Sarah Spoto, Contributing Writer

If you’ve only watched the earlier X-Men movies, Mystique may not seem like a hero, but in First Class she proves that villainy (and heroism) are not black and white.  Plus, I absolutely adore her style in the movie. Retro has been quite popular lately in the fashion world, and Mystique’s (aka Raven’s) contemporary spin on a 1960s look is perfectly relevant and charming.  Be warned, this post is strictly First Class Mystique inspired.  If you are looking for the blue Mystique-inspired look, check back in a few weeks!

Anthropologie Precious Metals Cardigan, $78

This sweet, delicate cardigan more or less portrays the feeling of Raven’s part good girl, part sexy, confident hero look.

Anthropologie Easton Garden Scarf, $58

This scarf is a fresh spin on Raven’s silk scarves from the movie.

Ralph Lauren Traveler Bag, $295

A sophisticated and utterly practical bag. I could picture Raven strolling through London with this one.

Lands’ End Canvas Softest Turtle Neck Sweater in Oatmeal Heather, $19.99

I actually own this sweater, and it is ridiculously soft. Plus, a turtleneck is mandatory if you are going for a late 1960s look. The Oatmeal Heather color gives it a nice contemporary spin (not all turtlenecks need to be black!).

Talbots Ama Patent Leather Almond Toe Pump in Peacock Green, $139

Patent leather pumps are a no-brainer staple for any professional woman, but I particularly like the color of these pumps. It does harken a bit to Mystique’s natural color, doesn’t it?

Lands’ End Luxe Wool Insulated Pea Coat in Garnet, $169.50

I couldn’t get Raven’s adorable grey pea coat out of my head (remember when she’s walking arm-and-arm with Charles through the rain?). This Lands’ End version is an affordable option. Unfortunately, unlike Raven, we can’t get James McAvoy for an accessory.

Etsy  Rozzie Long Turquoise Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are certainly in style right now, and I love how this particular necklace harkens back to Raven’s gold pendant. Raven sports relatively low-key accessories in the movie,  and of the few, her pendant necklace is probably the best.

Urban Outfitters Wink  Metallic Open-Back Sweater Dress,  $99.99

The high neck on this sweater is reminiscent of Raven’s turtleneck dresses, and the back gives it a sexy touch.

Selection of sweater dresses:

There were so many Urban Outfitters sweater dresses I could have chosen from for this look. If you want Raven’s style, chose the best dress for your shape from this selection.

Leighton’s Doorman Umbrella, $31.95

So we can all pretend we are in London when it’s raining.

J.Crew Lilabeth Dress is Silk Taffeta in Caspian Blue, $295.00

How could I not help but put a blue dress in the mix? This may be the best way to get Mystique’s look…without paining yourself blue.

Whose look do you want to see next?

Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.

Dress Like a (Female) Super Hero: Peggy Carter

Sarah Spoto, Contributing writer

Captain America was certainly a lot to look at in the recent film, but let’s be honest, his ass-kicking love interest gave him a run for his money.  Peggy looked hot and strong in both her military uniforms and flowing silk tops. Her red-hot nails and lips were the finishing touches for this strong-willed hero.

Peggy Carter’s style is one not to be overlooked, and so it kicks off the “Dress Like a (Female) Super Hero” series.  I’ve scoured the web to collect some of the most Peggy-inspired looks I could find. They are presented here at a variety of price points, so no matter who you are, you can get your Peggy fix with one of the items below.

Jcrew  Blythe Blouse in Silk, Alabaster $98

A neutral silk blouse is a stunning and effortless way to add a touch of Peggy-inspired look to your wardrobe…without actually looking like you’re trying to dress like a Marvel character

Ralph Lauren Astrid Leather Moto Jacket $1298

Obviously, this is a bit of a splurge, but if you are looking for an almost perfect match to Peggy’s jacket in the movie, then this is the choice for you.

Zappos Nikxon Alexa Moto Jacket $140

To even the price points out a bit, I’ve found a much more affordable, vintage-inspired leather jacket that is not a perfect match to Peggy but still evokes her 1940s, ass-kicking attitude.

Zappos Nix+Zoe Military Knit Jacket $93

Peggy’s look wouldn’t be complete without a military-inspired jacket. Military-inspired style has been in vogue for the last few months, so this jacket is a perfect fit to a modern wardrobe, Peggy or not.

Ulta Full Finish Lipstick in Espionage $18

Peggy’s look wouldn’t be complete without her stunning red lips. This dark red color from Ulta goes by the name “Espionage” and was a perfect fit to this Peggy collection.

Ulta Union Jack Pack Trio Nailpolish $36

Red nails are Peggy’s choice color, but I’ve chosen this trio pack in the red, black, and tan for a more everyday wearable selection.

Etsy 1950s Green Wool Skirt by ManicVintage $36

Since I was looking for 1940’s inspired pieces, I had to check out for a real vintage look. I found this wool tweed skirt that nearly matched Peggy’s in the film.

Etsy 1960s Burgundy Pumps by wildfellhalvintage $30

For a set of Peggy-inspired heels, I found a pair of 1960s vintage burgundy pumps. has a wide selection of great vintage heels in lots of different colors and styles. Wildfelhalvintage on Etsy also has a beautiful selection of vintage clothes worth perusing.

Etsy Vintage Military Pins by HALLAMHOUSE $9.50

Add a touch of military to your outfit with vintage military pins. I found these on Etsy for a pretty good deal.

That’s it for my Peggy inspired looks. Check back soon for more tips on how to dress like your favorite female hero.

If you have a suggestion for what hero should be next, leave a comment below.

Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.