Ms.Comix T-Shirts, Hot Off the Press!

Ms.Comix t-shirts are now on sale! And for only $10! These cool graphic t’s are available at Mosaic Shirts, a small student-run design and shirt printing company. I’m not a graphic artist in even the loosest sense of the word, so I turned to Max from Mosaic shirts. I showed him the Lichtenstein I chose to brand my blog, and he did the rest.

So what are the perks of owning a Ms.Comix t-shirt?

1. You look cool.


2. You support women.

Ms.Comix interviews some awesome female comic writers and artists. By wearing your Ms.Comix shirt, you’re helping the blog keep doing what it does best–supporting awesome women!

3. You support a small business.

Mosaic Shirts is student-run, and everybody knows that students are the future (and, btw, entrepreneurs are the foundation of our economy!).