Loki-Inspired Fashion

This outfit was inspired by the Avenger’s super villan and demi-god, Loki. I tried to capture the essence of Loki without creating a look that would be impossible to pull off in real life. What resulted was a dark, edgy but completely wearable outfit complete with trendy details (the neon bag, the sheer blouse, and the golden cuff, for instance).
This is the first villian who has inspired one of my outfit creations (check out some of my other popular superhero outfits, like Black Widow and Captain America ), and I love the result! Who should be my next villanous inspiration?

Loki Inspired Fashion

By Sarah, contributing writer. Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.

How to Dress Like a (Female) Superhero: Rogue

I found it pretty challenging to put together a look based on Rogue. In both the movies and comics her outfits are more “superhero-y” than some of the other female heroes I’ve featured. I focused on creating an edgy look with pops of Rogue’s usual yellows and greens.

Lambskin Cycle Jacket, $124.94

Even her name is badass, so Rogue would definitely done this super cool leather jacket.


Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves, $17.99

These gloves are actually practical (if you have a motorcycle), but for those of us who don’t, I suggest pairing them with a simpler outfit, to avoid looking too tacky.


Classic Trench in Black, $198

What a classy piece! It is certainly the easiest Rogue-inspired item to add to your wardrobe. It’s a simple way to add a touch of Rogue’s comic book look ( recall her telltale long, black jacket)


Ruched Knee High Boot in Black, $33.50

I don’t really suspect that Rogue would wear heels when she’s crime fighting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.


Jenna Jeans in Black, $23.60

These jeans are perfectly edgy without going over the top. I think how they are styled here, with neutral heels and classic skirt, really does them justice.


Double Face Eyelash Fringe Scarf in Green, $88

I’ve added this scarf in an effort to bring in some of Rogue’s bright green tones.


Justin Rock n’ Roller Belt in Brown, $34

I love how versatile this belt is.  It looks great on Rogue when she’s wearing her green and yellow body suit, but I think it’d look just as good with a button down and jeans.


DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Isadora silk-blend lamé gown, $487.50

If Rogue were ever convinced to go to a fancy gala, I suspect she’d chose this golden gown. The piece is gorgeous thanks to the shimmery fabric and dones a very understated, but classy silhouette.


Full Finish Lipstick in “No Competition” Color, $18

I don’t envision Rogue with bright red lips or over the top makeup. I think she’d appreciate this sophisticated pink.


By Sarah Spoto, Contributing Writer.

 Sarah is an art and business student who enjoys the occasional graphic novel and the more than occasional Marvel hero movie. She is pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.

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