The Great Adventures of Maddie & TJ: The Macaroni Proposal

I’ve never created a webcomic before, nor have I attempted to “draw” my own comic. But I had the idea of starting The Great Adventures of Maddie & TJ, and I just couldn’t forget about it (or wait around to find someone willing to draw it). So I went for it. And what you see is my valiant attempt!

The idea for The Great Adventures arose when my friends and I (as well-rounded nerds) were sitting around debating who we thought was the douche-iest United States president. We eventually decided on Jackson, but not before a lengthy discussion about Thomas Jefferson (who, for some reason, just seemed like an 18th century frat boy). We found out that TJ and James Madison were actually good friends, a fact that seems quite odd because Maddie actually sounds like a nice guy (you know, the nerdy quiet guy you’d never date but tell all your friends THEY should date). We also found out that TJ had traveled to Italy and brought back with him a sketch of a macaroni maker. And he was pretty obsessed with macaroni hence forth. And hence forth the idea of The Great Adventures of Maddie & TJ, a webcomic in which James Madison must bravely endure the antics of Thomas Jefferson, was born and simply wouldn’t go away.

by Angie Spoto